Ash Ponders in the Wall Street Journal for AirBnB annoying neighbors

Airbnb’s IPO Warning: Unhappy Neighbors Are Fighting Back

This one was honestly pretty easy. Bill was easy to set up an appointment with, met him just as dawn was peaking into his neighborhood, made a few clicks, drove around looking for signage, got some beautiful vistas that didn’t make the article, and then headed over to Scottsdale where a shooting had caused a lot of folks to join Bill’s cause. One of the folks living there told me just the day before a lot of windows on the block had been replaced. Dang. But there were still a bunch bullet holes in the facades of homes, and I got permission to get up close and make a few photos of a couple.

Trying to make a reasonably good photo of an elongated cul-de-sac was probably the hardest part of the assignment, and honestly I’m not sure I was all that successful. Oh well. Maybe next time a drone? 

Overall, I’m pretty thrilled how well this article came out; my editor told me the photography was favorably mentioned at the weekly meeting reviewing the proceeding week’s articles, so that’s a lil feather for my cap.

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