Ash Ponders in The Phoenix New Times for Thanksgiving

Life and Death and Turkeys: A Thanksgiving Tale

I got this assignment on Election Day, which was totally chaotic. I almost forgot I accepted it! Yikes. Good thing I wrote it down in my agenda. I really wanted to get to the farm on butcher day, but the deadline didn’t permit it. I got to the farm at 4 am when Michael typically gets out to feeding the birds. 

Of course, 4 am is well before sunrise, so these photos came out very creepy and kinda anarchic. I like them, but I’m not really sure they fit the vibe of the piece. Chris, the writer liked them though, and the photo director at the New Times didn’t tell me to go fuck myself, so I’m gonna call that a success, even if they didn’t run the bloody foot prints I found (I put them in a collage on my Instagram just for fun).

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