Ash Ponders in The New York Times for Sara Hall

What’s Another Marathon? Relentless Racing Fuels Sara Hall

My first collaboration with indomitable sports writer Talya Minsberg on the rather peculiar training regimen practiced by Sara Hall.

Flagstaff is always so much colder than I expect it to be. Doubly so at 4am which it was when I met up with Talya and Sara to photograph Hall’s morning run. Talya, herself a member of the NYT Running Team, kept up with Hall on the warm up and cool down. I kept up with Hall for about 30 seconds. The whole time I was heaving and trying to catch my breath, I kept thinking this assignment should have gone to Caitlin who is also a marathon runner, but she was in Seoul working on her long term work there. I did my best and it came out pretty good. But it probably would have been different if another marathoner had done it.

After Sara’s morning run we visited her home where her husband Ryan made me some pancakes and talked to me about power lifting and jiujitsu. That was pretty fun. There are a bunch of photos from this on my instagram. 

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