Ash Ponders in The Guardian for Wendsler Nosie Jr.

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I found out the Guardian was doing a story on the Oak Flat situation (actually this is such a long running issue they first did a story on it before I was even in the business) from a friend. I reached out the the author and asked if they wanted to license some photos I made last year. They asked their editor. Yada yada.

Eventually I hooked up with the photo editor there, who I already kinda knew in the way that everyone knows everyone in this business, but not that well so I wasn’t sure if they’d be annoyed that I inserted myself. They were more or less stoked on a few of my images. I updated all the captioning information just to make sure it as absolutely correct and re-uploaded them to dropbox.  They ended up only licensing one, a pretty good portrait of Wendsler Nosie Sr. But hey, one image out of the back catalog: that’ll pay for some new wool socks!

I’ve actually got a whole photo essay about Nosie and his run to Oak Flat last year, but it’s really specific and I haven’t had success placing it any where. So I’ve just been showing it to editors when they ask to see some of my story-driven work. Caitlin managed to place a similar story with Huff Post last year, by couching it in the more overarching Oak Flat saga. I love her photos of Wendsler and Naelyn. 

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