Ash Ponders in Audubon Magazine for San Pedro River

Audubon found me on the Diversify Photo list and commissioned me to continue my work in southern Arizona waterways. I was thrilled—I had just been talking to my coop-mates about wanting to work with Audubon in the future—and got even more excited when I realized they wanted me to pair up with a number of experts that would help me get deeper into the nuances of the story.

Fast forward several months and the Winter edition of the magazine is out and it’s fantastic. I spent several weeks putting these images together and I think they’re some of the best work I’ve ever done. Of course, in the time delta from when I made these and when they came out, I’ve tightened up my technique a lot and made some real improvements—but that’s always how it goes, isn’t it?

Phoenix based; available for work in Latin America and the American Southwest.
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