Ash Ponders in New Times for Lowriders

Slow and Low: Cruising Around in Phoenix’s Lowrider Scene

The Voice Media photo director calls me up, “You like Lowriders, right? Everyone likes lowriders. I’m sending you the details. Just get it done by next month.” I hadn’t even said yes, but to be fair, he’s right: everyone likes lowriders.

I grew up around lowriders, my grandfather was an airbrusher. But this assignment introduced me to a part of lowrider culture I hadn’t experienced before. One of the reasons I love this job.

Ash Ponders in the NYT for Covid Survivors

Scarred by Covid, Survivors and Victims’ Families Aim to Be a Political Force

Quick turn around assignment to grab a portrait of Tara Krebbs, summer days had been getting pretty swelter-some, so Tara and I agreed to do this one at the crack of dawn, just a tad past 5am.

They paired that portrait with another photo I did back in October, and led the whole story off with a great image from Gabriella Angotti-Jones. Love when my photos get to hang out with photos made by my friends.

Ash Ponders in the WSJ for Skills Mismatch

Job Openings Are at Record Highs. Why Aren’t Unemployed Americans Filling Them?

Always a delight to make photos on horse ranches. This one was very straight forward. I definitely arrived too early and made too many photos, but that’s just who I am as a photographer. I made several images I actively like, and that’s not nothing! 

Natalie Behring did all the anchor images for this story and I think they’re lovely. I am glad I got to help out with the Arizona angles.

Ash Ponders in NYT for Heat

Climate Change Batters the West Before Summer Even Begins

Man it’s a hot one. In fact it was like three hot ones on this assignment. Got a request at 8am to get out there. Stayed out from in the record setting heat until 8pm looking for features, no real idea other than “show the heat.” Thankfully the sunset was totally apocalyptic. Weird thing to say.

PS: Made it to A1 in the International edition of the New York Times. First time I’ve made it to A1 in the NYT after several near misses. Woop woop!

Ash Ponders on The Intercept for Migrants


Ryan Devereaux and I went to Ajo again to learn more about how CBP’s recent choice to simply abandon migrants in rural desert towns.

I’ve been to Ajo dozens upon dozens of times over the past couple decades and I learn new things each and every time I go. This was no exception. I was glad to work with a writer who has significant understandings of the realities in the area and deep appreciation for my experience too.

This story also ended up on The Intercept’s podcast Intercepted. With a very subtle and well done composite of my photos by Elise Swain.

Ash Ponders in the San Francisco Chronicle for Giants

The Chronicle had me head to the first practice before Cactus League Spring Training began. Covid restrictions were strict! Couldn’t get within 100’ of any players, nor on the field or even up against the netting. A tricky ask. Adding to the fun, I was trying to cover several stories at once. I always like that kind of gig, gives me more opportunities to get loose and make good photos.

Ash Ponders in San Francisco Chronicle for Kamala Harris

Harris makes history as first woman to be U.S. Vice President

A while back the San Francisco Chronicle put me in the press pool for the then VP-Candidate Kamala Harris on her tour through Arizona. It was my first assignment for the Chronicle, but it wasn’t attached to any breaking news, just to fill their archive with images of Harris for the coming years. Some of those images came out in a beautiful photo retrospective the Chronicle put out to celebrate Harris’ ascendance to the the Vice-Presidency.

Ash Ponders in National Geographic for Oak Flat

Sacred Native American land to be traded to a foreign mining giant

I’ve been pitching on this story in different iterations since late 2019, along with my coopmate Caitlin O’Hara—check out her stories from 2019 and 2021. Recently there have been a number of news pegs, so my pitching has gotten a bit more urgent. National Geographic licensed some of my images to give their article a visual sense of place. I really love Doug Main’s writing so it was a treat to have my images paired with his words again.

Phoenix based; available for work in Latin America and the American Southwest.
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